We offer a Unique NFT Features & Special NFT Collections

NFracTion offers a unique NFT Fractionalizer, that cuts high-end digital arts into puzzle pieces, which provide additional value for collectors and guarantee higher revenues for artists.

Fractionalizing NFTs encourages more transactions on our Cross-chain NFT Marketplace and benefits traders, collectors and artists. Puzzle pieces will be obtainable by opening Puzzle packs and tradeable on our website.

NFT Raffles, Personalized NFTs, Mystery puzzles and other special features are specially designed for Sports fans community with authenticated releases in MMA, Football, Basketball and Racing sports. NFracTion is establishing many major partnerships all over the industry and we are growing into the Music and Gaming space as well.


NFracTion will support multiple networks, since our target audience are also "non-crypto users" we want to engage. Our main networks are Cardano and BSC - releasing the MVP on the launch at BSC and adopting Cardano soon after that. We are adding other networks, such as Solana, Polygon and others accordingly to community feedback.


Our main goal is to create UX friendly platform, that is exceptionally easy to use and manage for any user or artist. NFracTion will also deliver mobile app for best accessibility and engagment.


It`s all about exclusivity & uniqueness at NFracTion! Our team did an amazing job on acquiring partnership with MMA ON. one of the greatest projects in the MMA World. We are soon announcing many other major Sports organisations and awesome NFT artists partnerships. Unique NFT Fractionalizer and distribution model is about to create Special eco-system for true collectors on one side and all creators on the other, giving additional value to the whole community.


Developing (almost) perfect onboarding and integration system allows us to easily create personalized collections for our potential partners that are not providing their own NFT`s yet and encourage our creators database to get involved. NFracTion will also simplify a process of sharing revenues/ownership for Charity purposes.



Unique Multi-chain NFT Platform of the Future

Modernly designed with extra care for best user experience.

Unique gamified concept with Puzzle packs

Authenticated Special NFT collections

Easy-to-manage Platform and Mobile app

Top notch Cross-chain NFT Marketplace

Simple Fractionalized & personalized NFT`s minting

Buybacks & Rewards program

Supporting any kind of NFT items with low fees trading

Artists Focused NFT Marketplace For Extra Exposure

There are no "unknowns" at NFracTion - We create names.

Up to 35x higher revenues than competition

Easily minting fractionalized NFT`s

Multi-chain support for all kind of NFT`s

Easy to use mobile app for tracking

Reward & Loyalty programs

Extra exposure for active users and customized galleries

Ability to participate with Special NFT collections

Low fees trading of any kind of NFT items


Everything you need for a perfect NFT experience at one place.

Decentralized NFT trading & minting on multiple networks

Puzzle packs unique distribution model

NFT Raffles & Personalized NFT`s feature

Authenticated major Sports organisations releases
( for example: MMA ON Partnership incl. 15+ MMA Organisations )

Rewards / buybacks for completing puzzle collections

Custom ownership/revenue sharing
( for example: Charity recieves X ammount of sales )

Staking for lower commission fees and free Puzzle packs


Breakdown of NFTA Token Allocation & Distribution.

IDO Launch

Occam.fi 30th of September 2021

Token Symbol


Listing Price


Listing DEX

Pancake Swap

Total Supply

100,000,000 $NFTA

TGE Market Cap

$ 345,000 (Liquidity excluded)

Total dilluted market cap

$ 6,000,000


NFracTion is developing a new-age Crosschain NFT platform - future of the NFT world ...


Our worldwide team is pushing hard to deliver best possible experience on exploring NFT world.


Our advisors and board members are great part of our team.

Aljaz Tisler
Main advisor
KSM Starter
Eric Clark Su
Strategic advisor
Exnetwork Capital
SL2 Capital
Marketing advisor
SL2 Capital
Dolores Ponos
Head of Artists
Dolores ART
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